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Rating: It’s a Slaughter

Watch 10

The fatigue is starting to set in my friends. I’m becoming hyper-aware of the commitment I’ve made, and I’m starting to wonder if I should have just tried to learn French like everyone else.

Watch 16

I really did not want to watch The Meg today.

Watch 23

My process for watching The Meg every night begins with turning on the TV. Then I mess around on the internet for a good 15 minutes. Then I open Google Play. Then I scroll through my youtube subscriptions and see if there’s anything I missed during the day. Then I go back and select The Meg. Because Google Play begins the movie wherever I left off, I have to rewind…

Watch 26

I’m wondering if there’s anyone else that’s watched The Meg this many times. If you’re out there, shoot me an email. I’m thinking about starting a softball team.

Watch 42

I think I’ve hit the Senioritis portion of this watch experience. The finish line is within sight, but also so, so far away.