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Rating: Hell Yeah!

Watch 3

With this being the first official watch, I was in pretty high spirits. I suddenly felt like I had a goal/purpose to keep me motivated during quarantine.

Watch 5

This watch went by a lot faster than the others. Maybe it was just because I’m so familiar with the plot at this point, but at the 20 minute mark it felt like only half the time had passed. That’s probably not very interesting for you reading this, but I know I’ll probably be looking back at this watch and fantasizing about how time seemed to fly.

Watch 6

This watch I was joined (via digital means) by my friend Kat, who told me halfway through that this was her first shark movie. We bonded over both hating the ocean, and I spent the pre-shark portion of the movie trying to convince her that there were no sharks in The Meg. Once the first shark showed up, I tried to convince her it was just a very large dolphin.

Watch 9

My family refused to adhere to the Shelter-At-Home policy and had me come over for Easter. In exchange they watched The Meg with me. No one won that day. But it was really nice to have a change of scenery and some fresh sets of eyes on this movie.

Watch 14

You know how during the holidays you put on one of those Christmas Classics and let it just play in the background while you bake or decorate? That’s where I’m at with The Meg.

Watch 20: Dark Side of the Meg

I wanted to do something special for this viewing, so I decided to set the movie to the Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of the Moon.” For those of you playing at home, I’m starting The Meg (Google Play) and the album (Spotify) at 0:00, and hitting play at the exact same time (the album was set to play on a loop). Author’s Note: My friend Kat told me that…

Watch 24

I was joined by my friend Ashley this watch. She’s the one that invited me along to see The Meg in theaters, so in a way this Daily Watch is all her fault.

Watch 31

Today I finally got around to doing my laundry for the first time since quarantine began, so I’m feeling pretty productive. I’m coming into this watch pumped. I have a fresh cup of tea. I’m ready to see some sharks!

Watch 34

This could very well be the penultimate Meg watch, and guys I’m feeling really sad about it. Shelter at Home is being lifted tomorrow (May 8th), and I don’t know if I’m ready to let go yet. I’m trying to decide if I want to end the watch series at 35 (when quarantine is lifted), or go for 50. My friends are pretty divided on when I should stop, so…

Watch 35

Good news everyone! The majority of my family, friends, and coworkers have all agreed that I should go for Watch 50. I have yet to determine if it’s because they believe in me, or just want to see me suffer. Only time will tell. This watch I’m going to try and account for all of Mana One’s financial loss and mismanagement that occurred throughout the movie. Please know that every…

Watch 37

You guys are never going to believe what I did on Mother’s Day. Like a true champ, my mom (and my older sister Lauren) volunteered to watch The Meg with me a second time.

Watch 40: A Shark at the Opera

Since we reached another milestone, it’s time for a Music Watch! This time around I chose the Queen album A Night at the Opera (thanks to the suggestion from my boss). For those of you playing at home, I’m starting The Meg (Google Play) and the album* (Spotify) at 0:00, and hitting play at the exact same time (the album was set to play on a loop). *The album A…

Watch 45: Bonus Quiz

I was talking about Rorschach Tests with one of my coworkers today, and I pronounced it “Roshark” so yes this movie is in fact bleeding into my psyche. P.S.I made a quiz to see whether or not you would survive The Meg. Let me know your results!

Watch 49

The entire watch felt like Christmas Eve. Where you’re literally one day away from something you’ve waited forever for. I also ended up watching The Meg during the daytime (which felt just a little wrong somehow).

Watch 50

A wave of sadness washed over me when I realized this would be my last watch. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty that’s surrounded these past 50 days, it was comforting to know that no matter what, I had The Meg. This blog has helped my days feel structured and productive during a time when structure and productivity was hard to come by. And I’ll always be grateful for that….