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I Watched The Meg 50 Days In A Row While In Quarantine

While all my friends are spending their time in quarantine playing Animal Crossing and binging Tiger King, I found a somewhat unconventional way to pass the time.

“But Why?”

The reason why so many people found Tiger King so oddly enjoyable was because the characters and circumstances of that documentary were so vastly disconnected from the worries surrounding current affairs. You stop stressing over sheltering at home when you’re debating with your roommate whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband (she totally did).

I needed to find a distraction that was so incredibly different from my own living situation, it made me forget that King Soopers is still out of hand sanitizer.

Enter: The Meg

This movie had everything I was looking for:

The first In-Pandemic watch started as a way to keep me company while I unpacked my new apartment (what a time to sign a lease, I know). The second occurred the following day for essentially the same reasons. But after Watch 2, I still found myself thinking about The Meg. One could argue that this was the point that Stockholm Syndrome began to kick in, but I think only hindsight will allow for that kind of revelation.

But it was at that point that I decided, if I was going to genuinely commit to watching The Meg multiple times, I might as well document the experience.

Hopefully my endeavor will entertain, or at the very least distract you from what’s keeping you down.

The Watches: