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Rating: I Wouldn’t Get In There

Watch 7: The Spill Count

“Welcome to the Spill Count, where we tally up the klutzes in all our favorite horror movies!” Today we’re focusing on all the different times these clumsy characters fell off boats during The Meg. Spill Count: 42

Watch 8

I need you to know that at this point, my roommate still doesn’t know I’m watching The Meg every day. We’re still getting to know each other (which is a weird experience when you’re literally in quarantine together) and that’s just not something I need her to know I’m capable of.

Watch 13

I was Today-Years-Old when I found out a sequel to The Meg is in the works. I’m going to make a blanket statement now and say that (with the exception of another global pandemic), I probably won’t be seeing the sequel 20+ times. But you can bet your ass I’ll be seeing it in theaters!

Watch 15

My body has gotten so accustomed to watching this movie that I apparently turned on the TV in my sleep last night. This is the second time I have attempted to operate electronics while sleepwalking. Should I be worried?

Watch 27

We are truly in the valley of shadow when it comes to Meg watches my friend.

Watch 29

How am I going to stop watching The Meg once quarantine is over? How do I just stop?

Watch 38

Today was my first day back at being a functioning member of society. It was really awesome to see my coworkers again and hear how their quarantine has gone. However at one point a coworker told me about a new show I should try, and I didn’t have it in me to tell him I don’t have time for anything else because I’m too busy watching The Meg.

Watch 46

Once these watches are over I’m going to have so much free time to terraform my island on Animal Crossing.